about all the kitties love me

ALL THE KITTIES LOVE ME and I love them.

I have extremely eclectic tastes, which results in an equally eclectic lifestyle. My need to create both fine and craft art is ever-evolving and never-ending. I enjoy painting, drawing, collaging, writing, jewelry-making, knitting, sewing, photography, gardening, cooking, and mentoring emerging artists. I consider all of these creative outlets of equal importance.

ALL THE KITTIES LOVE ME is a collection of handcrafted works inspired by kitties, arts & crafts, gardens, mermaids, food, popular culture, my husband, witchy vibes, lunar happenings, and retro & vintage aesthetics.

I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Grand Valley State University in 2003 and a Masters in Arts Management with a concentration in Visual Arts from Columbia College Chicago in 2009.



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